Greene Sisters | Quadruplets {Eglin baby photographer Crestview FL}

There really aren’t words to describe the experience of photographing quadruplet baby girls. Although not technically newborn by the time I met them, they were all around 6lbs and were simply darling.  To hold, individually and collectively, four itty bitties who share such a rare and special bond was an incredible honor.

Quadruplet Sisters |

I had not met the amazing parents of these girls prior to the day of their session when I descended upon their home with multiple loads of gear, fabric, and various props. As I packed up my vehicle the night before, I worried about overwhelming them! If I did, they showed not a single hint of it! Thank you, Greene family, for being so gracious with hosting us in your home.

Having talked with a few colleagues about sessions with multiples, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But, let me tell you, this family was seriously organized…and that made for a wonderful experience (at least for me)! The babies had been home from the NICU for a couple of weeks by the time I met them, and their parents had made the decision to continue the consistent NICU schedule when making the transition to home which facilitated the session probably more than any preparation I could have suggested.  I was seriously one lucky *tog that day!

These girls have grown so much since the day I photographed them!  It’s incredible!  I’ve loved keeping up with their progress and hope to see them again in the coming months.

Quadruplet Sisters |

A special acknowledgement to Sacred Heart Hospital NICU in Pensacola for the amazing care these baby girls received the first few weeks of their life, and to the Ronald McDonald house for making it possible for their mother to be with them daily and provide all of their nourishment during their entire stay, even after her own discharge.  Please consider giving generously to RMHC of Northwest Florida and/or the Sacred Heart Foundation in honor of the Greene Sisters!

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