What can I expect at my session?

First and foremost, I want you to have fun and enjoy your session!  For on-location sessions, we will determine the location together, and most sessions usually last 20-40 minutes, but we can schedule additional time at your request for an additional fee based on my availability.  Newborn sessions can last 2-4 hours, depending on baby.  For all sessions, if there are littles included, be sure they have tummies full and are well rested before the session.  Please have snacks, favorite toys, and bribes handy!

Outdoor sessions are typically scheduled about 30-45 minutes before sunset to capture that “golden” light that we all love.  This light makes for beautiful portraits.  However, since naptime and mealtime for little ones sometimes need to be considered, as long as we choose a location with wide open shade, there can be greater flexibility with scheduling.  Studio session are any time you choose, as I work with studio strobes to provide consistent lighting regardless of the conditions outside.

Please remember that your session is about you, not me.  I promise to let you know if you have lipstick on your teeth, if the wind has taken your hair astray, or if your clothing is askew.  I will watch for double-chins and “cheesy” smiles.  I will make a fool of myself as necessary to coax smiles out of stubborn kiddos.  We are partners in this experience, so please know that I will ask for your ideas, suggestions, and input.  I want you to see your own touches in the planning and staging of your images, and I want you to see yourself as the beautiful person your loved ones see when they look at you.  I hope to capture your memories with a touch of whimsy and exceed your expectations every step of the way.


Where is your studio?

My cozy little home-studio is located in the Bluewater Bay area of Niceville, close to shops/restaurants, and easily accessible from Crestvew, Freeport, Destin, and Fort Walton Beach.  Please note, the studio is on the second floor of my smoke-free, dog-friendly home.  We have one small, elderly dog – if you have severe dog allergies, please consider this before booking.  For outdoor sessions, there are many exciting locations in the Panhandle that make for stunning images.  Let’s get creative for your session location!


What do we wear?

This is probably the most frequently asked question of photographers.  I highly recommend fun accessories (hats, scarves, jewelry, sweaters, headbands, etc.) and/or props that represent your individual and family personalities.  I love unexpected touches of whimsy and humor.  Matching identically (e.g., white and khaki, black with blue jeans, etc.) is a very traditional look that some families prefer, but choosing different shades within one color family or choosing two complementary colors has a fresh and contemporary feel.  Check out my What to Wear Pinterest Board for inspiration.


What if the weather is bad?

Weather is certainly a consideration for outdoor sessions, but don’t assume questionable weather will ruin your session.  An overcast day can be pure magic in photography with the soft, diffused light that creates the most idyllic conditions for your images.  However, it’s simply too windy, the air too misty, a sky full of black clouds, or it’s just plain raining, we will reschedule your session at no additional charge.

When can I see my pictures?

Within 7-10 business days of your session, I will prepare a gallery of images for viewing and ordering. These images might only include minor edits (“soft proofs”).  After placing your print order, I will likely post some of your images to Facebook and possibly blog about the session on my website.


Why do your digital images cost more?

 It is actually the print release you are paying for. The release is my permission to print as many copies as you need without further payment to me.  I still own the copyright on any photo created by me, even if you are given a print release, so editing, sale, or use of those images for any other purpose than personal printing is a copyright violation.

Which really means:  When you purchase the digital files, you can go to your greeting card software or vendor of choice and print out a 100 cards/announcements without paying me for 100 photos but you just can’t sell those 100 photos.  You also cannot enter these photos in any contests without my explicit, written permission.  Also, be aware that my computer on which I edit your photos and the printer you choose may not exactly match with color settings so your photos may have a slightly different “look” to them.

I highly recommend Persnickety Prints if you choose to purchase high-resolution files in order to print additional copies.  I’ve trusted them for years with my own personal prints before I ever had access to professional print labs.

 A word about Copyright 

 I generally believe it is a matter of education in most cases when Federal Copyright laws are violated with photography.  You love your photos and want to share them.  When a photographer creates an image, at that very moment the image is copyrighted and the photographer has exclusive rights to copy, edit, distribute, post, blog, etc.  These rights are assigned by The Copyright Act and make it illegal for anyone else to copy, scan, edit, print or distribute the image without the photographer’s permission.  In other words, that means that when you buy a print, you own that print, however, the photographer owns the image.  It is your likeness on the photo, but it is the photographer who created the image.  Therefore, without written permission, it is illegal – it is stealing – to reproduce in any form, edit, or distribute the image on the internet other than linking others to the photographer’s site.  Unfortunately, copyright violation is a major problem for photographers!

I understand you are excited to share your images!  Therefore, I also offer Social Media files which may be shared electronically (e.g., via e-mail, on your blog, posted to Facebook, etc.). These are included with all digital file and wall art purchases, but may also be purchased separately.  They are not suitable for printing, a print release is not included with these images, and my logo must not be removed.

Neda’s Notions Photography specializes in newborn, baby, child, family and maternity photography with studio in Valparaiso, FL servicing surrounding areas including but not limited to Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, Destin, Crestview, Freeport, Baker and Laurel Hill.