welcome, i’m neda!

In case you are wondering, it's "Ned-with-an-A".  

But I'm used to hearing Needa, Nayda, Nada...the list goes on!

First, you have a choice in photographers, and I am genuinely honored that you are considering working with me (or that you've already booked with me!). If you are just beginning your search for a photographer, I encourage you to look closely at the images presented by each photographer you consider. Identify those whose images inspire you, the images in which you can see your own family. Whether that's me or one of my talented colleagues it will help you find someone who will create the images you want to adorn your home.

Second, I want to get to know you.  Please know that you are never "just another client" to me.  I hope to provide you with a friendly, personal experience.  If you have any questions along the way, I'm here.  And once we get to the ordering session, I will be happy to provide samples of different products, measure wall space with you, and create custom designs to suit your style.  Whether you order a half-dozen canvases for a display wall in your family room or an album to feature the entire session, I strive to provide you with the best quality products available on the market.

Who Is This Lady with a camera?

Now, for just a little bit about me ~ My roots are in Upstate NY - born in Syracuse, raised in a small town just steps away from Lock 1 of the historic Erie Canal. After almost fifteen years in Northwest Florida I still long for crisp autumn days surrounded by the blazing colors of the fall foliage. As much as I miss the northern autumns, I kinda adore winters in the south.  

I'm a graduate of the University of Rochester with a degree in Clinical and Social Psychology, which I put to good use as the Administrator for the Center for Children and Families at the University at Buffalo (CCF at UB, a behavioral disorder research and treatment center).  I was with the CCF for nearly a decade and then transitioned to serve as the Grant Administrator for the Department of Psychology at UB where I still work today...telecommuting from my home in FL.

I love my husband of 19 years, Kypp (pronounced "Kip"), with all my heart...and I like him quite a lot, too.  {We probably won an award somewhere along the way for unique-named-couples.}  Since the studio is home-based, and since he's my trusty assistant for many of my family sessions, there's a good chance you'll get to meet him along the way.  He's a pretty nice guy. 

In June 2019, miniature dachshund Staley joined our family; and we added dachshund-mix Wilbur in September 2019.  They typically goes off to doggie camp during sessions to play with their pals, but there are times when they might be scampering around the house to greet you.

Dark chocolate, doggie snuggles, chai lattes, goat cheese, bold red wines and a good book make me happy.  I absolutely love to travel.  Our nieces and nephews are scattered far-and-wide, so any chance I can get to love on a itty bitty baby is precious to me.

I hope to capture your memories with a touch of whimsy and exceed your expectations every step of the way.

Staley, June 2019

About the Studio

The NNP Studio is a 500sqft dedicated space located on the second floor of our residence in the Bluewater Bay area of Niceville.  The studio is overflowing with the fabrics, headbands, outfits for newborn-through-twelve month old babies, maternity gowns, and props used to style sessions.

While we do not have any family pets at this time, please be aware that we are a dog-friendly household.